Across the universeLennon/McCartney"The Beatles"
All my lovingLennon/McCartney"The Beatles"
And I love herThe Beatles"The Beatles"
BlackbirdThe Beatles"The Beatles"
Day tripperThe Beatles"The Beatles"
Do you want to know a secret"The Beatles"
Don't let me downThe Beatles"The Beatles"
Eight days a week"The Beatles"
Free as a BirdJ. Lennon"The Beatles"
Get backThe Beatles"The Beatles"
Girl"The Beatles"
Happy Christmas (Então é Natal)"The Beatles"
Happy togetherThe Beatles"The Beatles"
Help"The Beatles"
Here comes the sunHarrison"The Beatles"
Here there and everywhereThe Beatles"The Beatles"
Hey Jude"The Beatles"
I ve got s feelingThe Beatles"The Beatles"
Imagine"The Beatles"
Let it be"The Beatles"
Let me try againThe Beatles"The Beatles"
Love me do"The Beatles"
Lucy in the sky with diamonds"The Beatles"
Michelle"The Beatles"
Norwegian woodLennon/McCartney"The Beatles"
Ob-la-di O-la-da"The Beatles"
Oh darlingThe Beatles"The Beatles"
Paper back writerThe Beatles"The Beatles"
Penny Lane"The Beatles"
Please, please me"The Beatles"
Rock and roll musicChuck Berry"The Beatles"
Run for your lifeThe Beatles"The Beatles"
She loves you"The Beatles"
She's leaving homeLennon/McCartney"The Beatles"
Sing the changesThe Beatles"The Beatles"
SomethingG. Harrison"The Beatles"
The fool on the hill"The Beatles"
Till there was you"The Beatles"
Twist and shout"The Beatles"
We can work it outLennon e McCartney"The Beatles"
Yellow Submarine"The Beatles"
YesterdayP.McCartney e J. Lennon"The Beatles"
You ve got to hide your love awayLennon/McCartney"The Beatles"